Sports Car Haven


Specializing in vintage British sports cars

Route 11
1768 Bloom Rd. mailing address      Physical  address 2267 Montour Blvd.  Rt 11
Danville, PA 17821


  • Full service facility
  • 45 years of experience
  • All necessary special tools and manual


  • Frame on up
  • Partial
  • Components


  • New and Used
  • Rebuilt Components
  • Special Deals

Competition Preparation

  • 45 years SCCA experience

2 thoughts on “Sports Car Haven”

  1. Lorne,

    Your email address has changed as my email was returned. Please send me your new email. I was curious about how the TVR is doing.

    1. Bill, The TVR is working great. I just was to the Woodwork meet at Carlisle. Ran great all the way down and back. I got a first place trophy in the 2500M class. Great hearing from you. Lorne

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Sports Car Haven